If you’re reading this, then you are likely here because you know me from my other website: MagnusX.com

For the last few years I’ve been designing and making high-end products from titanium (pens, tweezers, etc.).

Recently, I designed and made a knife (a product I had not done before). This knife was then released (as a pre-order) to my list of previous customers.

But something unexpected happened…

Floods of emails and comments came in, from die-hard knife fans, wanting to make changes to the knife …it seemed like everyone wanted their own custom version of it.

So I said, “Screw it. You want custom? …then I’ll give you custom!”

I started building a custom software tool so die-hard knife-nuts could design their own knife exactly how they want it …and I would make it.

And thus Epic Make was born!

​But, wait a minute...

​You're probably thinking, "Hey, Magnus, what software tool? ...I don't see anything on your site!".

​The software tool is still in development and I have not yet launched the initial beta version yet - but it will be coming soon.